Drawing to a Close

Dec 21

This has been a beautiful chapter in our lives, living in a Volkswagen Bus is truly an experience I will always cherish. But, it’s a limited space type of endeavor, and we’ve simply outgrown how comfortably Lady and I, along with our three boys, dog and Lady’s mom (who’s come wonderfully into our lives) can all reside inside of a vehicle in motion.

To that end, consider this the official retirement of Moseyho.me. We’ve traveled through and lived in 29 states with her, killed an engine and rolled her odometer over after some 40,000 miles of total travel.

We’ll be putting her in a barn somewhere in Michigan, to be raised again when the time is right, perhaps by one of the boys or as an empty nest by the Lady and myself in some distant future. The best thing about retirement, they say, is that you can always come out of it.

We’ve not given up on full-timing it though. We purchased a 1995 Chevy Van and are getting an Airstream polished up and customized so that we can hit the road again when winter fades off into spring. Thank you to everyone who’s followed along with us over the years.

You can follow along with our new adventures at Wand’rly Magazine.

the rear bumper and taillight of a volkswagen bus, a sticker that reads PGH stuck to the brown paint of the vehicle


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