Who This Is

When nowhere feels like home we’re left with nothing but the traveling. It’s an abiding want, sometimes an urgent need, and for us, it’s an always present reality.

The Short Shtick

Nathan lived most of his 30 years in Western Pennsylvania, in towns with names like Nanty Glo, Pittsburgh and Lake Erie. While attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh he met a girl, they had a baby together, and thusly Tristan was born into this world. Time and people separated Nathan and Tristan’s mother, and tragically young she was taken from this world. Tristan was forced, again at an all too young age, to realize that life, somehow, goes on.

During their quest to find the VW Bus in Ft. Collins, CO, Nathan managed to finangle his life’s love, long and lost since college, into joining them in this roadly lifestyle. Together, they traversed highways like US 40 through Utah, the Loneliest Highway through Nevada, California’s Avenue of the Giants, then all over Arizona and Texas, US 90 along the Gulf Coast, all across Florida and into the South, where they conceived Winter Erik in Pisgah National Forest.

A pregnant woman is no place to be for a Bus, though, and so they settled down in Manzanita, OR for a long winter…

But as 2011 yelled “Summer!” they fired the Bus back up and are currently exploring the expanses of the Northeast known as New England.

More, as always, to come!