Rolled Her Over

Jul 11

20,000 miles after she first came into our lives, we rolled the Bus’ odometer over yesterday. That puts her at…well I don’t actually know the total miles. The guy who sold it to me, and I quote “judging by the condition of this carpeting, I think that’s 80,000 original miles.” Hmm, perhaps he should get [...]

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Is Living in a VW Bus Green?

Jun 30

And by green, we’re not talking sticky buds or rudimentary colors of course, we’re talking Mother Earth, that plump little mistress we all so sometimes lovingly neglect. I don’t have specifics, no hard data (as I’m posting via my phone), but I’ll do some comparisons based on my general knowledge and monetary equivalents. Electricity We [...]

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The Realities of Living in a VW Bus

Dec 22

The ups, downs and all arounds of the realities of living in a 5×7 foot home.

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In with the Old, Out with the New

Nov 22

A concept for a VW Bus that is spectacularly futuristic, and still just as unreachable.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Geico

Nov 20

Geico is 54% pure evil, 46% pretty cool. There representatives are so all over the board though that I swear they’re just all playing some type of “how can we confuse the customer” game.

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Couch Restoration

Oct 17

The original sofa bed was pretty busted up, so we got out the needle and thread and went to town!

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Rusting Away the Days

Oct 14

Rust is nearly a given on any VW Bus that’s still alive today, and truth be told, ours is in pretty good shape. I hear that this type of rust, rolling up along the windows like it is, is perhaps the worst kind, save perhaps for those buses that you lift the floor mats up [...]

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1978 VW Bus, Champagne Edition, Riviera Campwagen Conversion

Oct 08

A few words about our good mother bus, Champ.

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Photo Gallery: Champ Comes to Town

Sep 28

The Bus, naked as she came, pop topped and plugged into an RV park on a river in Loveland, Colorado.

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